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Step 1.  If your a beginner please Click this 👉 Register 👈or

👉👉 Create a Store   to  👉👉 Signup as a Vendor


Step 2.

How to Add a product to your Store!

  • Go to  CATEGORIES  on the menu above.
  • Click on any category your interested in to view the products .
  • Once you see the product you like,Click on the product or Right click to  open and view on a new tab
  • Scroll  down to the add to cart button
  • Below it is a blue Button that reads  SELL THIS ITEM
  • Click on  SELL THIS ITEM  button,the product will be added to your store instantly as draft.
  • You can edit the price,title or anything to your pleasure
  • Once your done click SUBMIT and the product will  be Live and available to your customers .       








If you have your own physical products this is how to How to import  or add your own Product your store.!

  • Go to product  on you dashboard .
  • Click  ADD NEW  ,to add your own product or import a CVS file of your product if you have one
  • Edit the product if you have to and submit or publish



Step 3 .

 Got a Sale? This is  how to fulfill it with your supplier?

  • If you have added product from  any supplier within and you got a sale
  • Go to your  order details page of the order you just received ,you will see the  store you added  your product from.
  • Click on the store,it will take you to the suppliers store .
  • Place the order with the supplier  with your customer details.
  • The supplier will ship the item to your customer. Is  that easy!



🔥🔥🔥HOT TIPS from our experienced expert drop-shippers to make you money:

  • 🔥💥Always start with one product at a time and ask yourself what problem the product you choosing can solve.
  • 💰🌹Remember to add enough margin to the product you choose to remain profitable after you pay you supplier.
  • 🔥🌹Test your products and see what work with Facebook ads .you can get  started with  3  dollars with Facebook to know what works before you scale..
  • 😟🌹Don’t add different product from different supplier at a time to avoid much headache with fulfillment and customer service.
  • 😩💥🌹Try to fulfill your Orders on-time so your suppliers can ship to your customers to avoid lots of charge backs.

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