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12″ Large Plant Pot by Fox & Fern – Fits Plant Stand – Drainage Plug – Outdoor Indoor – Matte White


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large plant pot

Each home tells a story, let’s give it a boost.

Your home is the place where you truly have the freedom of expressing yourself.

You’re not looking for something mundane that does not reflect your personality and neither are we.


acacia wood plant stand

Mid-Century Modern

Inspired by the clean lines and organic forms of the Mid-Century Modern style – Fox & Fern is committed to bringing you centerpieces that turn heads.



plant pot repot nursery


hand made pots

Hand-made of fiberstone

Carefully crafted with an exterior of stone and a fiberglass enforced inside. We promise a strong, durable plant pot that has the appearance of ceramic yet is surprisingly lightweight.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Frost and UV resistant
  • Lightweight yet strong as a rock

More than just a plant pot

Designed to keep your plants alive

Each fiberstone pot comes with a drainage plug to allow excess water to flow out and keep your plants at a perfect level of hydration. Also, fiberstone is a plant friendly material. This means you can pot your plant directly into the Fox & Fern Pot or keep it inside it’s original pot.

TIP: Plants love consistency. If you want to repot your plant it is best to do so directly after you’ve bought it. Rather than repotting it later and having it re-acclimate twice.

  • 8 inch pot – Fits plants up to 6.9″ in outer diameter and 7″ in height
  • 10 inch pot – Fits plants up to 8.9″ in outer diameter and 9″ in height
  • 12 inch pot – Fits plants up to 10.4″ in outer diameter and 10″ in height
  • 15 inch pot – Fits plants up to 13.5″ in outer diameter and 13″ in height



perfect match acacia

plant pot black white

plant stand

perfect match set

How to get your tailored fit?

Getting a plant pot is easy, an accessory to lift your plant into the sunlight.. not so much.

With our own line of solid wood plant stands we are happy to provide the solution.

Simply follow these 3 steps:

Step 1 – Pick a pot

Go for an earthy feel with a pot in Stone Black or for a clean and smooth look with a pot in Matte White

You can also go for one of our polystone pots. An alternative with a smoother interior but heavier in weight.

Step 2 – Pick your base

Go for a Tailored Fit Plant Stand if you already know the size of your plant or are looking for an extremely sturdy stand.

The Adjustable Stand is for those looking for more freedom. It grows with your plant, change pots whenever you want.

Check out the product pages of our plant stands below

Step 3 – Get your discount


  1. Add any Fox & Fern Pot to your cart
  2. Add any of the Fox & Fern Stands
  3. Use code AGOODFIT during checkout to instantly get 10% OFF
  4. Congrats! You’ve got your plants a stand.




  fiberstone plant pot pot with wood plinth base clay plant pot tall plant stand adjustable plant stand mini plant stand
  Fox & Fern Fiberstone Pot Fox & Fern Polystone Pot with Woodbase Fox & Fern Fiberclay pot Fox & Fern Tailored Fit – Tall Plant Stand Fox & Fern Adjustable Stand Fox & Fern Ceramic Pot + Stand
Size variations 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″ 10″, 12″ 8″, 10″, 12″ 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″ 8″ – 12″ 3.5″, 7″
Material variations Fiberstone Polystone Fiberclay Bamboo, Acacia, Walnut Bamboo, Walnut Acacia + Ceramic
With drainage plug No N/A N/A No
Suitable for outdoor No No No
Material specs Rough interior, wide rim Smooth interior, thin rim Smooth interior, thin rim Solid wood Solid wood Smooth interior, thin rim
Strength High Medium Low High Medium Low
Weight Light Medium Heavy Light Light Light



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