Our Story

Joalii was created out of necessity to simplify drop-shipping for every person who is interested in selling online but do not have the resources,such as products, inventory,logistics,physical store to start business buts ready to sell using the online eCommerce platform which is what drop-shipping is all about.
I experienced a lot of difficulty trying to survive using the online platform when l lost my job.I wasted tones of hours watching YouTube,attending webinars, online forums and googling in order to get the basic information needed.
Finally I stumbled upon Shopify ,created my first store ,added product then did the hard part of editing the product images and titles.then came the most difficult part ,making sales.After having a Huge success for years I decided to help others like you.I identified that there were Still a huge number of people out there still struggling to make it online.
Joalii and her team of Experts are dedicated to helping people like you get started with the following steps.

We provide you with our eCommerce platform to list and sell your physical products or services for both starters and experienced sellers.
For starters we provide Niche ideas that are trending to help them make smart decisions.
Our Expert Team will help Import the products on your behalf from verified suppliers from China or the USA in less than 24hours .
We help auto fulfill your orders whenever you get sales -Is That Easy.

We are committed to simplify drop-shipping.

Happy Drop-shipping with Joalii

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